Edelweiss Reflection

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Vakulism - here's Vakula in the continuation of his metaphorical ideas embodied in a new alter ego and unifying combination of different genres which makes Vakula as always unique. In fairness, it's not a million miles away from his previous incarnations - but that's alll gravy with us as we heart Vakula through and through! Those dizzyingly hypnotic odes to organic deep house are still as tantalizing as ever, congas patterns, warm bass and reverb heavy hats sitting in a celestially-tuned mix full of darting leads and voluptuous pads. Bits of spoken word float through tracks like audible hallucinations along with bird sound and a rich sonic fauna. There's moments of serene Reichian repetition, and moments of driving deep house pleasure a la Ron Trent - that's the Vakula blueprint, and it's still as killer as ever. Highly recommended!


Matt says: Beautifully serene collection of Krauty house minimalism here from our favourite Ukranian. It's been a long while but its worth the wait!


A1.Edelweiss Reflection
B2.The Eve Of Metaphors

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