Saucy Lady

Magic Dust

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Star Creature US

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Originally from Japan, this Boston-based singer, song-writer, and DJ is known to her peers as the Beantown Disco Queen & is bringing back the eclectic, outrageous fashion and cultural diversity that composed the nightclub scenes in the 70s and 80s . With a touch of humor added to the equation, her popularity has been gaining steady momentum in the U.S. and overseas underground disco scene.

"Magic Dust" comes in two flavours. U-Key traverses house and boogie, with a 4/4 projectory and 80s synth inflections, paired with some skilled guitar fretting. E Live pumps up the strings for a more smooth gliding, soulful operation, crossing into warm Balearic moods. Really strong release! 


A1. Magic Dust (U-Key Remix)
B1. Magic Dust (E Live Remix) 

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