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Dark Entries US

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After setting the cat amongst our very own Kickin' Pigeon with last year's single-sided sell-out smash "Home", the mysterious E. Myers returns to the vinyl world with two more tracks of intense analogue action. Picking up the proto house baton from where he left it at "Home", Mr Myers marshalls the Roland rhythm crew for a hard hitting excursion into Chicago house on A-side cut "Love". Rattling rim shots and tumbing toms inject some neccessary groove into that stiff 4/4, while bittersweet synth strings, glistening sequences and a sublime sax riff top a deep and round bassline. Proper end of night / end of season tackle from the mystery producer. Over on the flip, Myers opens a porthole into the darker side of the club universe with the psychotropic, EBM driven "Hate", a raucous banger propelled through the smoke and strobes by a particularly Belgian synthlead. Not for the faint of heart, this retro techno tonker could put the frighteners in anyone. In limited supply with the promise of no repress, this is another buy-on-sighter from the mystery man.

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