Leston Paul

Let's Party Tonight

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Leston Paul’s killer compilation ‘Let’s Party Tonight’ alongside Barbara Hernandez’s hit single ‘All Nite Tonight’ is listed within one of the most difficult-to- -find boogie disco tracks around. If all records sounded like this how much easier would our lives be. Barbara serves up a slice of slice of tropical disco so sweet it could bring on type 1 diabetes with just one listen. You could easily have this on rotation and never fail to enjoy ever second of it.


David says: Everything you could possibly want from a disco record is present and correct, heavenly slap bass groove? Check. Steel drum breakdown? Check. Solo on incredibly cheap but amazing sounding Casio keyboard? Yep, they're all here for your listening pleasure. Oh and the VG copy on discogs is $600. Now I don't know about you but in our house that's quite a lot of money.


1. Leston Paul - Let's Party Tonight
2. Leston Paul -What A Surprise
3. Leston Paul -Everyday Life
4. Barbara Hernandez - All Nite Tonight 

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