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Goodbyes & Beginnings

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This sought-after rarity presents a blend of ambient, new-age, 60’s inspired folk music. The melancholic lyrics of singer-songwriter Suzanne Menzel are transformed by Danish New-Age pioneer, Klaus Schønning’s, futuristic soundscape. Schønning, not only produced ‘Goodbyes and Beginnings,’ Menzel also credits him as giving her the artistic courage to
self-release her first and only album. ‘Goodbye’s and Beginnings’ sits at the cross-section of many genres.
Menzel’s voice is as timeless as her heartfelt, somber lyrics. A mixture of synthesizer, organ and rhythm computers offer a playful contrast. The beautiful tension between them creates a fresh, unique sound and makes ‘Goodbye’s and Beginnings’ hard to categorize even today.


Millie says: Mystic and bewitching, this reissue LP still holds a calming, wholesome atmosphere to it. Truly lovely.


1. Farewell, Nancy
2. Goodbyes And Beginnings
3. What A Winter's Day
4. Under The Surface
5. I Feel It Starts Again
6. This Is Not Your Life
7. She Was A Really Beautiful Lady
8. The Ghost
9. Winter Comes
10. On The Corner Of July
11. Summer Rain
12. The Advertising Song 

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