Arisen My Senses Remixes - Inc. Kelly Lee Owens / Lanark Artefax / Jlin Remixes

Image of Björk - Arisen My Senses Remixes - Inc. Kelly Lee Owens / Lanark Artefax / Jlin Remixes
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One Little Indian

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Björk famously loves a remix, always reaching out to the most exciting talents in the electronic realm and giving them free reign to reinterpret her work. Here she hands the stems of her sensual electronic suite "Arisen My Senses" to Piccadilly fave Kelly Lee Owens, US rhythm queen JLin and the duly hyped Lanark Artefax for a fine addition to her 12" catalogue. The A-side of this 'slug genital coloured vinyl' (kind of a milky lilac to you and me) belongs to Whities alumni Lanark Artefax, who tessellates the sultry harp and soft vocals of the original around radioactive bass pulses, blackened percussion and buzzing electronics, turning out a post-everything love song from the near future. On the B1, Indiana's Jlin chops and drops the original around a frisky nu-juke rhythm, hewn out of sizzling snares, subby kicks and a surprising amount of organic sounds. If Zaytoven and Joe Claussell ever got short on dough and shared a studio space, I imagine it'd sound a bit like this. Bringing proceedings to a brilliant close is the incredibly talented Kelly Lee Owens, who surely puts big tick on her bucket list by remixing her biggest influence. K-Lo's been bringing it on the remix front for a while now, often turning out the kind of tense and sleek techno nodders you'd expect to hear in the middle of a Tama Sumo set. Here the Welsh star takes things in a dreamier direction, building a hazy wall of sound from misty synthesis, additional vocals and spooling tape sounds, then laying the whole thing out over a subtle rhythm. Perfectly play-out-able but just as suited to the home setting, the track builds into full thrust before blissing out into a gentle harp outro. Exceptional throughout, this is undoubtedly the best Bjork remix 12" in a long time.


A1. Arisen My Senses (Lanark Artefax)
B1. Arisen My Senses (Jlin Remix)
B2. Arisen My Senses (Kelly Lee Owens Remix) 

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