Jean Dubuffet

Expériences Musicales De Jean Dubuffet’

Image of Jean Dubuffet - Expériences Musicales De Jean Dubuffet’
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If ever a phonographic accomplishment could encapsulate the precise modus operandi of the Cacophonic label, then the ‘Expériences Musicales’ sessions made by French born painter, sculptor, music maker, wine merchant and founder of the Art Brut movement Jean Dubuffet would be a prime candidate. Originally released as an impossibly rare six record box set containing Dubuffet’s first long anticipated forays into sound sculpture and spontaneous artistic noise, these intimate early 1960’s recordings show a lesserknown side of this important artist’s personality.
From an original gallery promoted artefact (which can now command fees of up to 5000 Euros complete with its original art-prints intact) this highlighted version of ‘Expériences Musicales’ is now available again on authentic vinyl to the wider public.
Finally released to a wider audience and presented complete with Dubuffet’s signature style artwork, this abridged vinyl edition includes specific selections curated by the artist himself, in conjunction with experimental music pioneer Ilhan Mimaroglu.


Pleure Et Applaudit
Humeur Incertaine
Bateau Coulé
Diligences Futiles
Gai Savoir

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