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Omas Se*tet

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Omas Sextet is a six piece band lead by James ‘Creole’ Thomas, including various interchangeable members, but its core comprises of the Deenmamode family - Reginald Omas Mamode IV, Jeen Bassa, Mo Kolours and James ‘Creole’ Thomas.

James ‘Creole’ Thomas elder and cousin to the brothers resides in Port Louis, ile Maurice via Haiti and Louisiana, where he continues to record. Creole has worked in the background until now, helping Reginald in recording his debut self tiled LP and second LP ‘Children of Nu. The Omas Sextet is his debut release, fusing elements of jazz, hip hop, soul and broken beat with deep tropical and outernational flavours running throughout!


First Ways
Lead By No One
Soul Sub City
Melting Pot
No Need To Wait
Phazed Out (short)
Creole People
The Plumb Blossom
Too Black
The Mighty R.p.y
Who Am I

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