Blind Shake / Hipshakes


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God Unknown

About this item

God unknown continue their innovative and stunning 7" series with this stormer from The Blind Shake and The Hipshakes. We kick things off with the determined stomp and punk thashing chords of 'Broad Daylight', it's thumping percussion in time with the snappy vocal rhythms, growing and coalescing into a hypnotic psychedelic squall. 

The flipside is equally as effective, if a little less frantic, with slowly wandering guitars and early garage punk vibes, growing from a rousing but minimalistic meeting of guitar and percussion before it suddely changes gear into a thrashing hardcore outpouring, as raw and unrefined as the best hardcore anthems, and imbued with the same rawkous spirit. Superb.  


1. The Blind Shake - Broad Daylight 04:06
2. The Hipshakes - Giddy 03:19

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