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I'm Dr Box and I like vinyl. I also like toast but that's irrelevant to this tale. I grew up listening to Hip Hop, which is a celebration of musical styles, rhythmical poetry, urban artwork and (break)dancing. I always dreamed of making a record and contributing to the culture, but then I got old...

Rather than have a mid-life crises, I made an album (with a little help from my friends). You can hear it on Bandcamp for free. But listening isn't the same as touching, feeling or tasting. And it'll sound much better on wax.

The album, Tales, has been produced from using a mix of sampling and live instrumentation and features vocalists and rappers from the UK, Spain and Russia. It’s an eclectic mix including soulful trip-hop, atmospheric rap and funky breaks that resembles the analogue sound of early Ninja Tune releases (you know, back in the day when grime was something that accumulated down the back of the oven).


A1 - One Dream With Boo Da Con & Devi Ka
A2 - Tales From Beyond With Rioda & Huang Tzu
A3 - Northern Star With Devi Ka And Wherez Neekz
A4 - Don't Worry About Me With Joanna Gardiner
B1 - Sweet Love With Devi Ka & Rioda
B2 - Soopah (Bon Fix) With Rioda
B3 - Cockroach
B4 - Mosquito Muerto 

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