Roza Terenzi

Mwah EP

Image of Roza Terenzi - Mwah EP
Record Label
Kalahari Oyster Cult

About this item

Roza Terenzi is the latest convert to the Kalahari Oyster Cult, and the Australian producer debuts with four tracks showcasing her unique sound. Influences come from far and wide, shifting between electro, house, techno and even early rave anthems. The space bleeps of “Gigi” are soon interrupted by shouldering kick drums. Samples stagger and stumble before key stabs cut through beats in this hazy piece of early morning elation. “Mwah” maintains those euphoric moods. Snapping snares slice through shimmering synthwork and soaring strings to keep the night grooving. Darker tones enter with “Rare High”, but these shades are soon brightened by arcing notes. Acid lines squeak and squirm in this balancing act of disparate colours and chords. Distant lands and exotic encounters are conjured for “Soft”, perfumed percussion and meandering melodies mingle and merge for head swimming close of aromatic audio.


Matt says: Dreamy, warm, textured breakbeats here from Roza Terenzi plus the odd seretonin-flooded cliamx. Sterling stuff for the old school inclined.


1 Mwah
2 Gigi
3 Rare High
4 Soft

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