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Here are Piccadilly we're big fans of Parisian imprint Antinote, and one of our favourite records of recent years was Alek Lee's label debut "Sfarot". Now the Israeli producer returns with more of his signature sound design on a stylistically diverse four tracker. "Time" kicks the EP off with a deep house twist, treating a gentle jack to some dubby jazz trumpet, NYC vibraphones and even a civil rights vocal sample. In the hands of a lesser producer this could be cheesier than Zaltan's raclette, but Mr Lee works his usual magic, employing all sorts of dub fx to turn out something special. "Kesef" harks back to the brilliance of "Sfarot", serving up a strung out acoustic groove awash with echo, rinsed with reverb and soaked in psychedelic shimmer. There's almost a Mediterranean mood at play here, but the wiggy sound design and sinister whispered vocals signal something darker than your standard sundowner. On the flipside, the producer pays a peculiar homage to his previous single in the form of "Colors" and its nemesis - "Dark Colors". Borrowing some of the ingredients he put into Sfarot, Alek Lee cooks a set of two eerie dubs. On "Colors", the dark and thumping instrumental backs the voice of an impossible child, a creature bred in Tel-Aviv musician’s most twisted fantasies. Meanwhile, "Dark Colors" paradoxically takes a much more sentimental path. No voice this time but an emotionally-drenched melodica-lead breaking through a foggy environment of ominous synths and enigmatic noises to round off Lee’s mistiest record so far.


Patrick says: Alek Lee keeps his winning streak intact here, delivering a superb follow up to the Piccadilly approved "Sfarot". After offering his own wavy take on deep house, Lee pulls us into the psychedelic splendour of his unique sonic realm, merging dub, minimal, slow disco and acoustic elements into three trademark cuts.


1. Time
2. Kesef
3. Colors
4. Dark Colors 

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