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Cave Vaults Of The Moon

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Created in 1987 for an exhibit of sculptures in Taos, New Mexico, Joanne Forman’s "Cave Vaults of the Moon" is a mesmerizing score for voice, Ensoniq Mirage, Juno 106, flute, guitar and effects. The playful extra-terrestrial recording wafted through the exhibit every day for its duration and then lay dormant for nearly 30 years. Unearthed now, "Cave Vaults of the Moon" sounds prescient and timeless, as if Pep Llopis and Iasos scored a Wicker Man remake set on Mars.

We humans, the nascent beings that we are, still haven’t quite figured out the full potential of music. Dancing, meditating, emoting, protesting; these are all pretty basic. But what if we communicated more complex ideas with music? What if we codified all of our activities with music? This idea came to composer Joanne Forman when commissioned in 1987 to create the soundscape for an environmental exhibition of sculpture called Artifacts from an Alien Civilization in Taos, New Mexico. The sculptures, elaborate ruins that had been found on the moon, begged the question: who created them and for what purpose? Joanne Forman imagined that Earth’s moon was a vacation spot for advanced beings from another galaxy. In her mind, the sculptures in the exhibit were the remnants of a deserted playground. "Cave Vaults of the Moon" became a collection of sonic texts describing the recreational activities that went on there; earth-viewing, collecting information, building and playing.


Patrick says: More esoteric excellence for Canada's Seance Centre here via a welcome reissue of Joanne Forman's exhibition accompaniment "Cave Vaults Of The Moon". Entirely otherworldly, the set sweeps through imposing electronic suites, dark fourth world excursions and blissful new age pieces, perfectly in keeping with the sculptures it soundtracked.


1. Starrise: Invocation Of The Dawn
2. The Twittering Machin
3. Lauds
4. Codex
5. Meridian
6. Moon Castle I
7. Promeni I
8. Preludiae Terrae
9. Promeni II
10. Moon Castle II
11. Compline
12. Starset: Acceptance Of The Night 

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