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My Dear Killer

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Death Waltz

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Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present the soundtrack to 1972's Giallo MY DEAR KILLER with music by Maestro Ennio Morricone.

MY DEAR KILLER (Mid Caro Assassino) was a 1972 Giallo directed by Tonino Valerii (The Assistant director on A FIST FULL OF DOLLARS and FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE), it is easily one of the greatest of all Giallo films to come out of Italy and you owe it to yourself to track it down and watch it. The score form Maestro Ennio Morricone is absolutely outstanding and not only is it one of his most unheard scores but also one of his best during his Giallo period.

It's intense, unsettling creepy and mesmerizing. It features the haunting vocals of Italian royalty Edda Dell'Orso on several tracks and its Jazz Lounge stylings are absolutely superb. Its also super listenable and restrained to make this a great repeat listen. Package design by Eric Adrian Lee.


A1. Mio Caro Assassino (2:14)
A2. Il Buio Tanta Paura (1:46)
A3. Il Buio Tanta Paura (Versione 2) (1:47)
A4. Mio Caro Assassino (Versione 2) ( 1:41)
A5. Non Puo' Essere Vero (1:48)
A6. Sogno Interrotto (2:40)
A7. Non Puo' Essere Vero (Versione 2) (1:34)
A8. Il Buio Tanta Paura (Versione 3) ( 2:36)
A9. Non Puo' Essere (Versione 3) (4:15)
B1. Mio Caro Assassino (Versione 3) ( 2:26)
B2. Sogno Interrotto (Versione 2) (1:34)
B3. Il Buio Tanta Paura (Versione 4) ( 3:03)
B4. Mio Caro Assassino (Versione 4) ( 2:39)
B5. Il Buio Tanta Paura (Versione 5) ( 2:05)
B6. Nella Spirale Senza Fine (1:34)
B7. Voce Affogata (4:26)
B8. Mio Caro Assassino (Versione 5) (1:37)

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