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Edits Vol. 5

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Hello Sailor

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Volume/yoyage number five on the good ship Hello Sailor sees label captain Renata Do Valle joined by first mate Tom Noble for a pair of suitably sunny edits.
Navigating the shores of West Africa, the duo explore sounds from Cameroonian singer Marthe Zambo - 'Alu' and Nigerian musician Sonny Okosuns - 'My Ancestors'. These edits are subtle works and an homage to these artists, keeping the music true to its originals. On the A-side, "Alu (Marthe Zambo)" serves up blazing brass, slick guitar licks and soulful vocal, all punching the air in triumph while the warm Rhodes recalls the ecstatic boogie of 80s comedies. Over on the flip "My Ancestors (Sunny Okosuns)" is a brilliant bit of boogie tinged highlife set alight by fuzzy synths, phasing pianos and the squidgiest bassline you'll hear all week.


A. Alu (Marthe Zambo)
B. My Ancestors (Sunny Okosuns)

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