Young Pulse

Paris Edits Vol. 5

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Holy sheeeeitt! Parisian disco don Young Pulse hits back on GAMM with another pair of powerhouse peak time slammers forged at the funky fringe of the disco landscape. Exploding out of the A-side, we get a chest pounding, hair raising, hands to the ceiling reshape of Billy Paul's "Only The Strong Survive". Ditching some of the original's cruiseship cheese, Young Pulse stretches out the massive, high octane hit of the tracks bridge into an extended, life affirming blast of groove magic. This is the kind of grunting disco funk you'd expect to hear Rahaan or Theo dropping to an ecstatic sweatbox. The B-side boasts a more subtle flavour as Young Pulse gets his scalpel stuck into the rare groove / boogie banger "Dreamin" by Greg Henderson, unleashing and extended feel good frolic on the early doors crowd.


A. Only The Strong Survive
B. Dreamin'

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