Moment - Selected Works 2012-2017

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After harnessing the power cosmic for a RVNG cassette and 7" single on Bokeh versions last year, Osaka's 7FO now delivers his debut full length vinyl release. The tracks, recorded between 2012 and 2017, have been tweaked, remastered and recorded to vinyl for the first time. The mysterious figure recorded the tracks at home, processing guitar sounds, using a sampler, synthesizer and junk equipment. Following in the footsteps of the ambient giants of his native lands, 7FO’s music continues this illustrious heritage whilst offering something fresh, modern and beautifully rendered. He describes his own sound as ‘gorgeous sustained tones and dreamlike oscillations that drift through the inorganic/electronic world reverberating through our subconscious creating sonic fables in our minds’. 


Patrick says: Offering pastoral soundscapes, interplanetary lullabies and crystalline abstractions, the debut LP from Japan's 7FO is a total gem. Switch on autopilot and prepare to drift through a dream.


1. Ama ( ( (
2. Moment
3. MooN
4. Hakko Suru Zero
5. Ougon No Yuge
6. Fate 

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