Etire En Avant / XXXX (Abel's Edit)

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I have fairly high expectations when faced with a new Versatile release, but this latest 7" is the dog's bollocks, cat's flaps and leopard's pecker. Not only do we get a magnificent (not to mention ingenius) Balearic boogie winner from Red Light legend Abel, we also get an unreleased and largely unheard I:Cube cut from 1996. Holed up in his childhood bedroom at his parents' house, the young Parisian was putting his own twist on the then burgeoning French Touch scene, slapping sampler, EQ, drum machine and synth straight to tape. "Etire En Avant" is a syrupy slow jam which combines hypnotizing French aerobic lyrics over a filtered funk sample, perfect for a tantalising disco sleaze late night set. Totally lysergic and trippy as you'd like, this seems to have sat in the cooler until the world caught up. Over on the other side, we bask in the infinite wisdom of Amsterdam head Abel, who plucks "XXXX" off last year's "Oeil Cube E.P.", pitches it up from 33 to 45 and extends it into a lazy, hazy and hypnogogic groovy perfect for sunny afternoons and early doors DJ sets. While the original carved its own niche as a cinematic slice of slow motion funk, Abel's mix gives the DJ a proper boogie weapon.


Patrick says: I:Cube serves up the sweetest treat here, letting loose with an unreleased archive track from '96 (recommended listening for fans of Huerco S) and a majestic boogie flip from Music From Memory man Abel. You need this in your life and record box.


B. Etire En Avant

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