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It's time for more Waflles! Ditching the maple syrup and bacon for a smattering of truly obscure source material, the Waffles deploy smooth edits and expert mixing, cooking up a storm on side A as space disco synth work combines with a loose, organic funk before a totally seductive female vox sweeps us off our feet. Gorgeous!

On side B it's a more wigged out affair, squelchy synth work in conversation with chipping bird song and a really cosmic slant on this one. Surely a big one for Baldelli and Harvey et al? Excellent stuff.


Sil says: Delicious bongo bongo and cosmic vibes, all nicely wrapped by a contagious bassline and some sweet vocals thrown on top. That is A for you. On B we go underground to some dark passages with sparkling lights here and there. A slow chuggy with acidic attempts and gorgeous synths. As always, Waffles is a must for the modern DJ. Yeah!


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