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Love International Recordings

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What a coup! The fruits of about a decade's worth of events, all colliding together in 2018 for a magnificent record which perfectly depicts the New Balearic Scene in 2018 - aka The Adriatic.

Dave Harvey's Love International festival is the natural progression and evolution of the building blocks laid down first, by the Garden Zadar (later to become the Garden Party) and later Electric Elephant - both of which were responsible (much the same way as Danny Rampling & Co. brought back that original Ibiza flavour many suns ago...) at transporting a new generation of Mancunians (amongst other Brits) to sunnier climbs and gentler vibrations. Many of the records we now label as 'Balearic' are actually more inspired by events around Petrcane and Tisno than any party on Playa Den Bossa or at Space.

Throughout the last ten years (and, to be fair, long before that), one producer and DJ has pretty much remained a permanent fixture around this coastline - Begin. The Manc-based, globally-celebrated producer perfectly encapsulates that paradisiacal place in sound - the gentle lap of the ocean tide, the smell of fried fish across the bay, and of course, the hedonistic freedom that comes with holidays in the sun. A natural choice then, as Dave inaugurates the first Love International Record!

From the docile guitar picking of meditative EP opener "Wood Trees" to the slow daybreak funk of "Daypulse" where synths pierce through the track like sun rays through the Adriatic dusk, the EP is a holistic reflection of what one might hear at one of the festival’s fabled sunrise sessions. "Garden Interlude" ushers in a fresh burst of energy, with the revitalizing sounds of piano house, paired with warming neo soul vocals. "Into The Fun" is a self fulfilling prophecy, closing the EP on a quintessentially Balearic note.

There we have it then, get your ticket, take the cruise, and revel in the gloriously radiant sound of the New Adriatic.


Matt says: The holiday season starts here!! Essential listening from our man with the plan. Calamari not included.


A1. Wood Trees
A2. Day Pulse
B1. Garden Interlude
B2. Into The Fun

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