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New EP from Slowglide which was previously only available on cassette. Vapeur is a Reims-based collective including Puzupuzu, CLAP42, Shonen Bat, Bruit Fantôme, Sans Tord, Gustine & Slowglide. "Reigi / Haipa" was originally self released by the crew, which caught the attention of Antinote who came sniffing around for a vinyl release. Now, you might not expect music from the capitol of Champagne to sound like this. Indeed, you might be forgiven to thinking that Slowglide grew up in Sheffield or Manchester or London - his penchant for bleepy leads, robotized vox and mechanical rhythms synonymous with the early sound of UK dance music. Rugged and rolling, "Reigi" is a lost dance classic from then and now. Everything about the piece, from the rib-tickling kicks, compressed snare hits and Kraftwerkian treatment (the obsessive robotic 'arigatō gozaimasu' and the 'pocket calculator' bleeping melodic line) is perfectly balanced with little superfluity - every last element is desired and indeed required! "Haipa", the atmospheric B-side, is an even stronger throwback to a time when Intelligent Dance Music was ruling over electronic music, the likes of Aphex Twin and his fellow Warp-affiliates were about to be crowned kings and Ghost In The Shell was establishing itself as one of the most culturally significant pictures of the late past century. Beautifully constructed, pummeling drums appear out of nowhere against a backdrop of glassy atmospheres and futuristic washes. Slowglide's debut EP may well be the most exciting thing to happen to you all week - make sure you check this guy out! 


Matt says: Phwooar! New producer from the Champagne region (!!) and it's an exercise in bleep-era pleasure seeking. So good. More please!


A1. Reigi
B1. Haipa 

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