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The Kwaito train continues to gather steam amongst new kids and seasoned professionals alike, Highlife getting in on the action with a piece of Kwaito from South Africa’s DJ Call Me.

A track sweeter than Irn Bru, "Marry Me" was championed by New York DJ, Sadaf. Already with over a million youtube plays, and declared 'track of the Summer' at the start of the decade, the track wasn’t available to buy in any kind of format, and so began an elaborate quest to track down the artist via his defunct Facebook page. After many an unanswered email and a couple of years persistence, Highlife finally managed to track down a manager still in touch with DJ Call Me, and sealed the deal via an exchange of WhatsApp messages!

Decorated with marimba, powered by a typical Kwaito riddim, it contains this heart wrenchingly powerful and wonderfully childlike vocal (unaccredited) which opens it up to a vast range of audiences. Its pop like charm but in vogue palette mean this could well be the 'tune of the Summer' OVER HERE.... ten or so years after it was originally released... Ridiculously good! It comes boosted with another, more experimental track - "Dictionary" which touches on EDM vibes with its stadium-filling sound and euphoric crescendos but I reckon it'll be the A-side you go to ever time... Every home needs one! Most recommended.


Sil says: 'Marry Me' hides no secrets. All the clues are in the title. A song with a clear message to the listener. Heavy bass, slight tinges of reggaeton (nothing major but it is there) and catchy vocals that a toddler can sing-a-long. On the flipside we carry on with similar vibe regarding the beat but we go a bit more ravy and hands in the air. Feel good track for the summer lurking around the corner.


A1. Marry Me
B1. Dictionary (Remix)

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