Krystal Klear

The Division EP

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Record Label
Running Back

About this item

You remember that kung fu kid movie, where he had to wash the motorcycles for years and then…whatever, constant dripping wears away the stone. Dublin-Manchester-NYC'S finest Krystal Klear (Cold Tonic, All City, Eglo, Tooth Pick, Rinse) has been honing his skills as a dress man for years and also made a name for himself as an expert in all things (electronic) boogie.

"The Division" is his dapper debut EP for Running Back. Custom-made club studies shifting between sound factories, hot haciendas, heavenly lagoons and chrome-plated dance floors: fast, slow, hard and soft.

A love letter to dance music written with pink ink. Oh, and there is "Neutron Dance" on it as well…yes, the euphoric fun one. once again: dance!"


A. Neutron Dance
A2. Division Ave
B1. Shockzoid
B2. Moonshake Miner

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