Alice Smith

Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Remixes)

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South Street

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KAPOW! Intergalactic funk king, the one and only Maurice Fulton at his very, very best. Finally we get his much sought-after remix of Alice Smith's "Love Endeavor" now lovingly reissued on 12", complete with the instrumental mix. 
This classic rework saw Fulton elevate the original from summertime neo soul jam, into a chuggy dancefloor masterpiece. The Syclops man reimagines the killer bassline (bassline goes forwards - bassline goes backwards), strips back the instrumental elements and gets dutifully dubby, teasing the vocal until the full force of Alice's voice is let loose in one of the best breakdowns around. It's got pianos, mad space fx, killer percussion rolls and pianos! Light the blue touch paper and stand at a safe distance, this shit is gonna go off! The flip side houses the instrumental remix giving you the choice to let Fulton's craftsmanship shine without the vocal. Either way this record is guaranteed to whip any crowd into a frenzy!


Sil says: It is back! What a surprise. Matt says that this is the remix that Fulton hates the most. The man may have his reasons, but at the Piccadilly Records tower, we think this encapsulates Fulton's genius like no other track. Want to know more? Get it before it flies... This is a timeless and should be on every music lover collection.


A1. Maurice Fulton Vocal Remix
B1. Maurice Fulton Inst Remix

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