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Gas return after last years "Narkopop" with "Rausch", brimming with the sort of dystopian doom and brooding malaise that makes Voigt's project so attractive and eminently listenable. Although the album is meant to be heard as a whole, there are seven distinct sections which make up the journey. Moving from the heavy cinematic simmer of "Rausch 1", with ambient synths slowly panning around the stereo image, swelling into a cosmic wasteland of percussive detritus and crackling static.

As we move through the expansive and nuanced landscape of "Rausch", we get low-key dub techno, bolstered with sweeping filters and rising saw waves piercing the crackling landscape, flickering rainfall and reversed cymbals pulling through the oppressive audio mulch, as ever, perfectly balanced and impeccably produced.

Epic walls of crushing yet heavenly beauty drip, no, landslide through the album; with an ever increasing acceptance of succumbing to some transcendental doom. Distant rumbles of cavernous excavation echo through the thin night sky; with hints of Martian exploration, moon buggies and impenetrable rock formations.

A masterpiece of the genre!


Barry says: Another stunning synth ambient masterpiece from Voigt, with shadows of dub techno and kosmische synthplay being overwhelmed with oppressive hazy ambience and otherworldly simmering drone.


A – Rausch A
B – Rausch B
C – Rausch C
D – Rausch D

01 Rausch 1
02 Rausch 2
03 Rausch 3
04 Rausch 4
05 Rausch 5
06 Rausch 6
07 Rausch 7

*Please Note – All Formats Contain The Full Version Of "Rausch". The Album Is Meant To Be Heard From Beginning To End As A Whole. 

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