Silence In The Secret Garden

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'Silence In The Secret Garden is an intensely personal and spiritual journey into the heart & soul of black music. From the reckless dark minimalism of the title track "Silence In The Secret Garden" to the irresistible funk of "Yesterday’s Party"… this classic album has continued to surprise and inspire in the 15 years since its initial release.'

You could bloody say that! A pivotal and inspirational piece that, upon its release, sound tracked many a nocturnal hour across the greater Manc boroughs and beyond, propelling Kenny and pals into the limelight across Europe and taking the Detroit sound even deeper proceedings the turn of the millennium. This and "Black Mahogany II" are oft cited as Moodymann's greatest achievements and when you hear the seductive, sax-peppered grooves on "People" or the pulsating Rhodes licks of "Yesterdays Party Watta Bout It", or even the MPC-gospel techno of "Backagainforthefirsttime?" it's hard to disagree! Organic to the core, with a rich palette of instruments, this is KDJ at his most jazzy and playful. A true post-millennial masterpiece. Every home needs one! 


Disc: 1
1. Entrance To The Garden
2. People
3. Backagainforthefirsttime?
4. LiveinLA 1998
5. P.B.C.
6. Shine

Disc: 2
1. Yesterdays Party Watta Bout It
2. Silence In The Secret Garden
3. On My Way Home
4. Sweet Yesterday

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