Eyes Of A Key

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Peoples Potential Unlimited

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'I wrote this album in prison. I went to the music room every week to play on their keyboards. I studied different styles of beat patterns and sound recording to be a recording engineer. I wanted to create this new sound, so I took go-go, hip-hop, house, and drum and bass to blend up a new pattern of beats with a DJ sway. So I rapped on it. I need a perfect mix sound so I used a reverb gate, small room because I was in a small room. I used my mom's blankets to trap the sound waves in the room. I use a digital mic from radio shack and was rapping with a blanket over my head to trap the sound waves. I played my keys in F flat to deepen the tone. I put tom toms on it to fill the spaces with handclaps to have that snap. Then I put a reverb gate on every instrument to get the lo-fi audio sound. I mastered it with all knobs on zero. Equalizer on zero. I mastered my own sound by tweeking and listening with cheap headphones. So that's why I call myself Mix-0-Rap because I master my mix and DJ rap style with a touch go-go rapping. Thank you for supporting me and my music, I hope you enjoy this.' - Mix-O-Rap

Who'd have thought when we were getting all creep to "For Thugz" way back in '15 that it was the product of a spell in the slammer! Mix-O-Rap finally delivering his full length for PPU. Standing out completely on its own but I guess its nearest reference would be the strung out, DIY minimal wave of 80s San Francisco in that it shuns fidelity and polish for grit, attitude and ruthless experimentation. A guttural, concrete distortion covers the whole record in a kind of sandblasted patina while Mix-O-Rap's unique, staccato rap phrases are pushed right to the foreground. It's an interesting and arresting listen and one of the more out-there releases from Tom Noble's exquisite label. 


Matt says: Kickstarting the whole 'prison-rap' movement. Mix-O-Rap claustrophic, lo-fi take on the genre is both arresting and unique and gritty as any time spent in the slammer.


Busting Off (4:13)
Eyes Of A Key (4:15)
Writing With A Pen (4:37)
Can You Represent (3:17)
Breaking Off (4:15)
I Get Paid (4:11)
I Am The DMR (3:35)
Spitting Game (4:24)
I Don't Play (4:04)
Stop Sweating Me (4:31)
Leaving Scars (3:53)
I Got That Fire (3:43)

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