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Including for the first-time ever on Vinyl - 3 LP : the 1962 double live album Cotton Eyed Joe remastered.... + the 1963 home recordings album Green Rocky Road remastered - 4 CD : same albums + 1CD of unreleased home recordings including a mesmerizing take on "God Bless The Child" - 52 PAGE BOOK with scans of KAREN DALTON PERSONAL ARCHIVES (writings, photographs, memos) disclosed here for the first time.


Press about ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’ (1962/2007) and ‘Green Rocky Road’ (1963/2008)
"All the informality of someone thinking aloud, which suits her signature vocals perfectly. In overdubbing, she seems to consider tempos and time signatures almost as restricting as a real studio. A particularly personal statement, a career marker"

"Like a lost book of the Old Testament. Less like a folk record and more like a warp in the space-time continuum. The most beautiful and harrowing album you'll hear this year. The results are startling. Her rendering of "Katie Cruel" on In My Own Time has been hailed as definitive but she improves it here. Bewitching." "Proving her masterly command of both the material and the audience" "Using her uncluttered fingerpicking and keening phrasing to a reimagine a pair of lesser known Ray Charles numbers to devastating effect" "Sounds great. The set captures a side of Dalton that her original releases never could. Such a personal statement it's far more challenging"

"An invaluable treasure" Pitchfork 8/10.


TRACKLIST (2 And ½ Hours Of Recordings..)
KAREN DALTON LIVE AT THE ATTIC (BOULDER, COLORADO) - 1962 Remastered At Abbey Road (2007) And Super Audio Mastering (2018) Vocals - 12-string Guitar & Banjo On LP1/CD1 (5) & LP2/CD2 Track (5)

LP1 / CD1 - Running Time : 39ʼ57ʼʼ
1- Itʼs Alright (Ray Charles) 2- Everytime I Think Of Freedom (Trad. Spiritual) 3- Cotton Eyed Joe (Trad.) 4- Pastures Of Plenty (Woody Guthrie) 5- One May Morning (Trad.) 6- Red Are The Flowers (Fred Neil) 7- Blues On The Ceiling (Fred Neil) 8- Run Tell That Major (Trad.) 9- Down And Out (Cox-Feldman) 10- Fanninʼ Street (Leadbelly)

LP2 / CD2 - Running Time : 45ʼ27ʼʼ
1- In The Evening (Leroy Carr) 2- Old Hannah (Trad.) 3- Pallett On Your Floor (Jelly Roll Morton) 4- Prettiest Train (Trad.) 5- Mole In The Ground (Trad.) 6- Darlinʼ Corey (Trad.) 7- It Hurts Me Too (Mel London) 8- Katie Cruel (Trad.) 9- Blackjack (Ray Charles) 10- No More Taters (Trad.) 11- Good Morning Blues (Leadbelly)

KAREN DALTON RECORDED ON TWO-TRACKS AT HOME (BOULDER, COLORADO) - 1963 Remastered At Abbey Road (2007) And Super Audio Mastering (2018) Vocals - 12-string Guitar & Banjo Except (9) W/ Richard Tucker & Joe Loop

LP3 / CD3 - Running Time : 41'36"
1. Green Rocky Road 2. Whopee Ki Yi O 3. Ribbon Bow 4. Katie Cruel 5. Little Margret 6. Red Rockin Chair 7. Nottingham Town 8. Skillet Good And Greasy 9. In The Evening

CD4 - Six Unreleased Tracks : Alternate Take Of "Green Rocky Road', 'One May Morning', 'God Bless The Child', 'Crawdad', 'Trouble In Mind', 'Come On Down To My House' 

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