Leroy Hutson

Closer To The Source

Image of Leroy Hutson - Closer To The Source
Record Label
Acid Jazz

About this item

This glorious deluxe reissue of Leroy Hutson’s 1978 masterpiece Closer To the Source is now here. Perfectly posed between the worlds of soul and club music, it features such favourites as Get To This (You’ll Get To Me), You’re A Winner and the title track. Remastered and reissued on Acid Jazz with the full cooperation of Leroy Hutson. It’s a pure classic, who can’t resist the smooth ways of Leroy Hutson? Holding his charm and ultimately catchy and lovable tracks this is the album for any collection!


1. In The Mood
2. Where Did Love Go
3. They’ve Got Love
4. Get To This (You’ll Get To Me)
5. Closer To The Source
6. Heaven Right Here (On Earth)
7. Everybody’s A Masterpiece
8. You’re A Winner
9. Where Did Love Go (Single Edit)
10. In The Mood (Single Edit)
11. Reality - CD Only Track

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