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Intramuros Records

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Stunning new release from a French up-and-coming producer. E-Unity has previously released one record before this which got caned by Pearson Sound, Objekt, Avalon Emerson & A Made Up Sound. Now back with these breathtaking four tracks on Intramuros, he aptly displays a keen ear for production - merging UK influences with breakbeat, house and techno to devastating effect.

Kicking off with the slow-mo jungle / hardcore of "CD-ROM-1" which deploys eerie washes, sound system fx and a staccato bleep melody to thick and sludgy breaks and low end bass wobbles. "Neutrino" is up next, a plethora of skitty drum hit skidding over bass and pad as E-Unity tries to reign control as the various elements steadily fly out of control. "GDN" sees an unworldly palette usher collective minds into new directions. Seriously folks, the sound design on this guy is un-paralleled - tearing rhythms and hooks out of modular static and distortion artifacts."Unknown Graffito" reels in any doubters by conjuring up one of the most ear-catching and forward thinking grooves we've heard this year.

Rock solid, galvanized dance structures, an essential release for anyone into the broad umbrella of future beats - think Joy O & Boddika (+Sunklo), Adapta, Special Request, Night Slugs, Numbers. Objekt etc etc. Do not sleep! 


A1. CD-ROM-1
A2. Neutrino
B2. Unknown Graffito

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