Edmony Krater

An Ka Sonje

Image of Edmony Krater - An Ka Sonje
Record Label
Heavenly Sweetness

About this item

Following the reissue of his cult 1988 album ‘Tijan Pou Velo’, Heavenly Sweetness decided to continue their collaboration with Guadeloupean musician Edmony Krater and record a new album together, his first one in 30 years!

As an avant-gardist percussionist, singer and trumpet player, Edmony Krater has always worked to develop and promote the gwoka music of Guadeloupe and to feed it with different influences, from jazz to reggae. This approach is again evident on ‘An Ka Sonje ‘ as he merges these influences and sounds to mesmerising effect.


Nou Kontan 
Jouwé Tanbou 
A Pa Jôdi 
Mi Yo Rivé 
An Ba Jouk 
Ti Jan Ka 
Donga èvè Sé Neg Mawon 
An Ka Sonjé 
Encore Un Peu

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