Innov Gwana


Image of Innov Gwana - Aicha
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Pique-Nique Recordings

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Gnawa is a uniquely Moroccan sound with roots in Islam and links to a healing ritual called Lila (Arabic for night). From this heritage comes Innov Gnawa, the only New York-based Gnawa group made from Moroccan natives, led by the Mâalem (Master) Hassan Ben Jaâfer.

In 2016, Pique-Nique Recordings presented their debut EP together and, since then, the band have also featured on 'Bambro Koyo Ganda' from Bonobo's latest album. Aicha is their much anticipated follow-up. Alongside the joyous call and response between the Maalem and the group that's common in Gnawa, there are also hints of electronic programming interspersed between the traditional live instrumentation; no doubt an influence of Nicolas Jaar collaborator Dave Harrington who produced the EP.


A1 Chalaba
A2 Baniya
B1 Lalla Aicha
B2 Youbati-Boulila

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