Yesterday's Tomorrows

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Wolf Music

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"Yesterday's Tomorrows" is Moomin's 3rd album and the first of his to be released on the omnipresent Wolf Music.

The album see's Moomin showcasing the natural, organic sound he is known for, applying his production technique to house, as well as venturing into new territory with New York hip-hop and his uniquely Moomin take on liquid drum & bass also making an appearance.

The album is resplendent with nostalgia towards '90s dance music, almost as if it's impossible for Moomin' not to pay tribute to the styles and sounds that characterized his former years. It's also sequenced extremely well, painting a rich and detailed picture of Moomin's influences and flavours. It's a perfect portrait of a very personal producer who opens up his heart and offers you the fruit if his studio labour. Recommended. 


A1 Daysdays
A2 In Our Lifetime
B1 Shibuya Feelings
B2 Maybe Tomorrow
C1 Move On God
C2 949494
D1 Into The Woods
D2 Fruits

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