Deep South Bass Cuts

Image of Textasy - Deep South Bass Cuts
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Dolphin Traxx

About this item

Spandau Ballet meets full throttle electro-bass biznis on this latest Dolphin Trax excursion, the Natural Science's sub-label geared towards freakish dancefloor movements. "Déjà Vu Bass" features DJ Di'jital and takes a loop of "True" by SB before adding a thundering electro beat. Toying with kill switches and filters throughout, this is a fun and friendly yet jugular hitting slice of night club artillery. One of those tracks you'll be going absolutely bat shit for until you clock the hook and you quickly glance around to see if everyone else is on board... (just like when Jamal Moss managed to squeeze "Big Mouth Strikes Again" into his infamous Wet Play appearance - ed). Fuck the haters and get on down baby! On the flip label head Alex keeps to the original Dolphin formular - that is shoulder dropped garage / breaks on side A before introducing some ruffage of side B via "Booty In The Jungle", a 'Think'-break sampling roller which should turn heads with its laser gun acid and added rukus. Top stuff as always from this firm, recommended! 


A1. Déjà Vu Bass (ft. DJ Di'jital)
B1. Booty In The Jungle 

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