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Cerberus Future Technologies

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'I first met Spandex when we were both 16. Before we were old enough to drink in bars he used to steal his mum's car and we'd drive to raves over Snake's Pass off the party line; to Tribal Sessions and Red Light at Sankey's; to Floppy Disc at One Central St, Sequence @ the Attic and of course forays to the subterranean pleasure dome that is the Music Box (RIP)... When the night or day ground to a half we'd high-tail it back in his mum's Vauxhall Cavalier and stay awake until it was safe to go home to our parents. At that point Spandex would get out whatever gear he'd amassed and start recreating the sounds and feels of the previous night....often to incredibly devastating effect. He's basically been doing that for the last 15 years - constantly honing his craft, adding new equipment and, in time, finding his own, completely unique sound. I can honestly say that in 2018 there is no one out there that sounds like Ste Spandex.' - Kickin' Pigeon.

And so it's with great pleasure we announce the arrival of "Home Extraction EP" - the first vinyl release on Cerberus Future Technologies (which previously housed Spandex and friend's wild experiments on c60 cassette tape) and dedicated to the art of DIY DMT manufacture. We start off with "Naptha", which my limited chemistry knowledge suggests is the 'base' for extraction. Anyway, it's an incendiary and quite sexualized number, that patented Spandex throb ever present as a coital groove thrusts itself into our nether regions. "Mimosa", the precursor is next up. As the key ingredient in the extraction and the bit that 'holds the magic', the track lives up to its expectations as one 5d-traversing space shuttle vortex cruiser. If you've ever plucked up the courage for the modern day magic carpet trip into the Other, then these vibrations should resonate inwards dear explorer, take heed! Ste Spandex has just gone and raised the bar of space techno well into the stratosphere - yeah booooiiii! "Caustic", the catalyst, sees the lively, unpredictable stage of the process represented sonically through highly frenetic beats and thick acidic slabs. Heavy n hypnotic, one of Spandex's many styles displayed here in superb form as he pairs volatility with harmony in ways you'd never expect. "Water", the simplest of elements needed here is given just as much importance as Ste drops some polychromatic synth shards over one of the most squashed and saturated mechanics off the whole EP - a nod to some of his previous work whilst taking his methodology and sonic philosophy spiraling into a future as yet unchartered. For those familiar with one of our city's finest producers, you'll know this EP's been a long time coming. To anyone that's seen his historical live sets at Wet Play - this your moment to grab that energy onto timeless black plastic.... to anyone else, this is as close to inter dimensional travel as you're likely to get on a slab of wax - take the trip!


Matt says: Finally it's here - the vinyl debut from the Northwest's most highly charged synth molester / groove generator. Never-come-down greatness that only a few can authentically create. We heart this!


A1 - Naptha
A2 - Mimosa
B1 - Caustic
B2 - Water

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