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Macadam Mambo

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Eva Geist's first full-length outing comes courtesy of French label, Macadam Mambo.

We get the flickering arpeggios and swirling panned pads of 'Electronic Tribalism' following on from the percussive synths and snappy hats of opener, 'Prologo' sitting somewhere between the hard-edged industrious march of Kreidler and the soaring kosmische workouts of Panabrite (including the instantly recognisable tones of the legendary CR-78). 

'Incomprehensione' takes this jagged approach and imbibes it with a dancefloor sensibility, with an off-kilter syncopation spreading through into the LFO-led bitcrushed madness of 'Rubber Heart'. Flickering modular workouts and self-oscillations are underpinned with a throbbing, echoic bassline. 

On the flipside we get the titular cosmic workout, 'Desfan' relying on the feedbacked echoes of oscillations past, coupled with a haunting portamento-heavy sine wave to spookily weave its way through the sonic spectrum before the powerful Italo tones of 'Nigredo', simultaneously modern but filled with world-fair retro futurism, nouveau sonics and cosmic swagger. 

As things move along, we slowly segue from the quantised saw-waves and militant rigidity of the early half into otherworldly ambience and swimming psychedelic undertones of the latter half. Throughout the experience, we are reminded that nothing is for certain, though things may appear forwards, they could rescind into an atmospheric fog, much like a simmering melody could tear through the fabric of an otherwise languid progression. 


Barry says: A stunningly realised journey through retro-futuristic cosmic ambience, avant electronics and post-rave dusty dancefloor detritus. A brilliantly fascinating trip throughout.


A1. Prologo
A2. Electronic Tribalism
A3. Incomprensione
A4. Rubber Heart
B1. Desfan
B2. Nigredo
B3. LKEP (with Steve Pepe)
B4. Kletterpflanze
B5. Abreise

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