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Velvet Pony Trax 1

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Velvet Pony

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Art Alfie inaugurates his Velvet Pony imprint with a four track EP shining light on a catalogue of music from the Stockholm scene. Having built a strong reputation alongside Mr. Tophat with a string of revered releases on the duo’s Karlovak imprint, Velvet Pony signals the opening of a new door for Art Alfie. "Soft Spoken" opens proceedings with a nice, cushion soft 4/4 drums supplementing bright keys, walking b-line and, eventually, a gentle housey thud. Understating but relentlessly grooving, this is perfect backroom / basement music. "Since I've Seen You" sees a eerie synth arps plotting against a canvas of spring reverb and haunting washes; before a disco vocal and groove are sweep in from the high end of a filter. This is really, really interesting folks, we haven't heard anything like this before and I'd encourage you to check out this truly head mangling track ASAP. "Hideouts" quickly changes the mood, opening side B with a heads down belter that wouldn't sound out of place on Mister Saturday Night. Containing that speaker tickling, 'woody' sound that sets the low mids alight, this is a brilliantly produced house track from the new school. "Front" sees the EP end on a techy note, rambunctious hats galloping against acid stabs steady kick for a highly functional mainline body tool. Nice strong debut here folks, strongly recommended.


A1. Soft Spoken
A2. Since I've Seen You
B1. Hideouts
B2. Front Feat. Måns Glaeser

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