Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourriére

Espaces Timbrés

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Three years on from their critically acclaimed album on Versatile, Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourrière are back with 'Espaces Timbrés' a brand new episode in their exploration of the legendary modular synthesizer - The Buchla. After 2 years of tireless work, ever pushing and furthering their musical research, Fitoussi and Hourrière reveal to us new territories, textures, sounds and feelings to explore with the help of the equally legendary I:Cube on mixing duties to add even more sonic reflections and mixing desk wizardry. This one's a hyper-jump into the future made possible through a machine from the past, giving birth to those most captivating of electronic mantras... dive in, the water's warm!


Barry says: Brilliant Buchla exploration on Versatile here from French duo Fitoussi and Hourriére - think Suzanne Cianni, François Bayle or Morton Subotnik and you're almost there!


A1 White Sands
A2 Labyrinths
A3 Basalt Columns
A4 Cymatics
A5 Water Mirrors
B1 Euclidean Space
B2 Lunar Leap
B3 Jangal
B4 Ice Tunnel
B5 Oeil

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