Kamel Oil Company

Mustapha / Petroleo En Bruto

Image of Kamel Oil Company - Mustapha / Petroleo En Bruto
Record Label
RCA / Victor

About this item

From the darkest corners of the RCA vaults comes this super rare and wonderful, tripped out cosmic-psych rarity on 45! From 1977 this double-header is an Eastern themed, moog driven oddity from the mysteriously monikered Kamel Oil Company. Written by the legendary Bob Azzam, Eddie Barclay (founder of Barclay Records) & Greek record company owner Antoine Flamaritis, "Mustapha" is an exotica soaked orchestral monster with choir vocals and string arrangements that only the big boys could call in. This is a serious left-field nugget from the vaults of one of the biggest majors - why begs the question, 'how the frig did this happen?!'. On the flip-side we have "Petrolo En Bruto", which is the real gem here, undoubtedly this one will appeal to fans of the far flung reaches of world music and psych, even those of you who dig the various flavours of funk from around the globe. A truly special and unique record here, often sought after by the deepest of the crate diggers and obscure sound searchers on a promo 45, this rare EP now sees a fully legit reissue. 


Patrick says: Heady little nugget from the furthest corners of the RCA archive here, bringing us neat break beats, Eastern promise and a thick bass synth, along with some cinematic orchestral action. Diggers' delight folks!


A. Mustapha
B. Petroleo En Bruto

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