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EP 2

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Children Of The Box

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After last year's stellar EP on L.I.E.S. Records, veteran, Brooklyn-based producer and DJ Jake Reif (Savage Hymn, Upsetting Keys) continues to make waves with his Device Control brand. The first side of the new "EP2" begins with "Silhouettes": a robotic, techno-funk work out with a nasty kick drum, swirling modular sounds and a Timothy Leary inspired vocoded vocal. An instrumental version has been included for selectors who prefer tracks to songs. On the flip, "Joystuck" continues the aural assault with a slightly more stripped-back approach. Hard-hitting metallic percussion and screaming, alien-esque synth bleeps are all that's necessary here to decimate a dance-floor. Finally, "Divisive" rounds out the EP with a stomping vengeance, its jacking claps and dissonant harmonics have been carefully designed to deliver a sonic gut-punch, taking no prisoners when played on a club system.


Patrick says: Those of an EBM/Industrial bent will be all about the klang and bang of A-side offering "Silhouettes", but it's the broken modem madness and cyclical groove of "Joystruck" that steals the show for me.


A1. Silhouettes
A2. Silhouettes (Instrumental)
B1. Joystuck
B2. Divisive

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