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Potnia Theron

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After dropping nothing but bombs on Highlife, Mister Saturday Night, Clandestine Tracks and Rubadub, the dynamic duo behind the General Ludd alias go casual for a three tracker of big room system bizz on Belters. Bass heavy, a little bleepy and totally rolling these three tracks were made specifically to be played live during their Panorama Bar debut and it's pretty easy to imagine them rocking the joint! "Potnia Theron" starts the party with a rumbling kick, clanging robo-bells and an extended arrangement, slowly swelling from heads down roller to sub-wrecking monster. B1 bomb, "Dance Of The Drones" twists a similar sound palette into a militaristic stomper, before the flautal "Melissa" marries weighty bass and rhythmic intricacies with a little jug band jamming. Superb dark and trippy groovers destined to go straight in the bag of Craig Richards and Ricardo.


A1. Potnia Theron
B1. Dance Of The Drones
B2. Melissa

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