Scientist & Prince Jammy

Scientist And Jammy Strike Back!

Image of Scientist & Prince Jammy - Scientist And Jammy Strike Back!
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Real Gone

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Jedi dub riddims from King Tubby protege's Scientist and Prince Jammy, bringing their mastery of the studio to tracks written by Lee Perry acolyte Linval Thompson. Backed by the Roots Radics band no less, this 1982 album is about as good as early ‘80s dub gets, with sopping wet flange, endless spring reverb and catchy perc parts. It predates Jammy's move to digital techniques around '83 / '84 and as such, still exists in a solely analogue realm. Although traditionally 'dub' in its arrangement and execution, there's some interesting nuances: an aggressive, stepped flanger, ridiculously splashy reverbs and a highly percussive rhythm section (which would later be adopted across Jammy's productions). The artwork pays tribute to all sorts of sci-fi tropes, from Star Wars to Star Trek to Ming the Merciless, is just a bonus. All in all a groundbreaking and important addition to the reggae / dub cannon. Jah!


Storming The Death Star
Mission Impossible 
The Alien Aborts 
Buck Rogers In The Black Hole
The Death Of Mr. Spock
The Princess Takes Her Revenge
The Crushing Of The Stormtroopers
Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker
The Son Of Darth Vader 
C-3PO + R2-2 = THE FORCE

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