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Tani: Disco Rumba & Flamenco Boogie, 1976 €

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Pharaway Sounds

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The Disco Music, Philadelphia Sound and Salsoul fever were also present in the Rumba-Pop and Flamenco-Funk scene of Spain in the late ‘70s / early ‘80s. Producers, sound engineers and studio musicians collaborated closely with flamenco / rumba singers and bands. Among others, we got to highlight the production / studio work that genius Josep Llobell did for the Belter label in Barcelona. Here you got 12 disco-rumba-flamenco-boogie bombs, a time machine to the Spanish boites and discotheques of the late 70s and the perfect soundtrack to an imaginary “Kinki” cinema soundtrack.


1. Sangre Gitana – Yo Me Siento Muy Feliz
2. Rumba Tres – Y No Te Quedan Lágrimas
3. Los Gachós – Estrella
4. Tobago – Oye Chiquilla
5. La Marelu – Mala
6. Barracuda – Puedes Buscarte Un Nuevo Amor
7. Rumba Tres – Ahora Qué
8. Juan Bautista – En Cartagena
9. Las Deblas – Tani
10. Rumba Tres – Ya Estoy Parao
11. El Turronero – Yo Soy Nube Pasajera
12. Sangre Gitana – Esta Noche Te Perdí

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