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I Start Counting!

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Released for the first time on vinyl is Basil Kirchin’s charming and affecting score made “in association” with his regular cohorts, Jack Nathan and John A. Coleman. The film, ‘I Start Counting!’ released in 1970, was directed by the multi-talented and quite radical David Greene. This genre of film, a coming of age thriller, the score for I Start Counting! allowed Kirchin to explore more dark edges of film music and composition: as a score it bubbles along with lots of classic Kirchin hallmarks, but here we are also treated to a beguiling opening song that is lyrically and musically developed and then slowly pulled apart over sequential cues. We also have a unusual Eastern tinge to some of the percussion and Kirchin’s distinctive pastoral oddness is here too. His sonic jumps between low drama and high tension are extraordinary, and his use of free jazz to bring about unease is both perfectly simple and effective.
Together the two different recordings show Kirchin constantly progressing with his sound, embracing new ideas and modern studio techniques too, but always somehow maintaining his distinctive voice. 


Side One
I Start Counting – Sung By Lindsay Moore
I Start Counting – Track 2
I Start Counting – Track 3
I Start Counting – Track 4
I Start Counting – Track 5

Side Two
I Start Counting – Track 6
Third World – Tracks 1 - 11

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