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Rita !!!! - The Caribbean House Remixes

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Hailing from Modena, playful, irreverent, Balearic heroes, Italo legends and Eurotrash pioneers, Ciao Fellini marked the 80/90s decade with several covers and bold Italo-pop singles. They won a Festival Bar, got photographed by genius Luigi Ghirri, sold more than 100.000 copies of “La Mia Banda Suona Il Rock”, were invited to the trendiest TV shows of the time such as Discoring and Super Classifica Show and ran one of the most prestigious night clubs of the 80s in Northern Italy, the Graffio. The Caribbean House is Billy Bogus' new project: a new blend of creepy atmospheres, sunset grooves, analog feelings and constant rhythms. Bogus leads this new collective formed by Federico Bologna (Ohmega Tribe, Technogod) and Cristiano Santini (Disciplinatha, C.S.I,), proper landmarks of overt 90’s underground Italian electronica and noise rock, once again ready to tie their receptive minds to something new. The deep background and the intense attraction for oddities brought them together, making The Caribbean House remixing Rita!!! A demo tape straight from 1983, for In Flagranti's new trademark: Hotfoot!


Patrick says: In Flagranti's Hotfoot imprint continue to bring us the waviest disco burners, this time courtesy of Ciao Fellini, as interpreted by Billy Bogus. Tropical drums, dubby guitars and a propulsive bassline cut through the wonky soundscape perfectly. Perc mix on the flip - get twisted.


A1. Rita !!!! (The Caribbean House Dark Mix)
B1. Rita !!!! (The Caribbean House Drum Mix)

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