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Delicate Wash #1

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Delicate Wash

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After the smash success of Talking Drums, Delicate Wash become the latest in a new wave of cosmic collectors sifting through the pound bins and flea markets in search of tweakable tackle. Their debut release is a synth-heavy selection of spaced out jams, floating freely between the Balearic, Italo and disco realms. "Oh, Michela" opens the party in dreamy fashion, drifting through Laurel Canyon strum and somnolent groove like a long lost Fleetwood Mac experiment - destined to be big with Picko-d on a One Million Sunsets tip I reckon. From there we blast into the cosmos with the sparkling arps and disco shuffle of "Web Objects", a jazzy blend of funked up riffing and far out vibrations that'll have the dance floor soaring. Flip it for a little trip to the cosmic homeland with "Meravigliare Di Salvazione", another essential cosmic groover who's ribbiting bassline underpins all sorts of sci-fi madness in the synth department. Last but not least, "Christian Does It Better" drops us into the low slung swirl of the mirrorball dimension, serving wild sine waves and launch pad fx over a perfect marriage of bass and drums. You'll struggle to pick a favourite from this quartet of quality, but you'll be everyone's favourite DJ whichever track you drop.


Patrick says: Mega cosmic/Balearic tackle here from new outfit Delicate Wash. Synth-heavy and uber funky, these four cuts each explore a different corner of the dance floor universe while keeping the quality sky high. Don't miss out!


A1. Oh, Michela
A2. Web Objects
B1. Meravigliare Di Salvazione
B2. Christian Does It Better

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