Stubb Feat. Jane Weaver & Mike Lindsay

We Are Launching / Boring Days

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Paper Recordings' Ben Davis takes off his Flash Atkins cape and mask to launch a new project exploring things left of centre and Balearic. In these disposable times, Stubb will celebrate community and DIY with a limited run of 300 vinyl screen-printed kraft card sleeves of commissioned illustrations by artist Rachel Johns plus hand-drawn labels by Hebden Bridge's The Egg Factory.
"We Are Launching" is a journey into the psychedelic stream of the Balearic ocean, featuring the musical talents of the brilliant, Piccadilly approved Jane Weaver. The Stubb collaboration is a sublime head trip to the deep reaches of space and electronica with hallucinatory guitars, burbling synths and arpeggiators that are beautifully set off by Jane's ethereal vocals. Mike Lindsay is founder and producer of folktronica pioneers Tunng and his distinctive tones sing the praises of doing nothing on "Boring Days", which is psychedelic leftfield pop at its finest.The track is locked down by a nagging fifth bass with vocal pops, hand claps, muted afro guitar, washed synths and arps that build before the choruses hit in a wave of analogue keyboards and fuzz guitar. After that, a gloriously stretched outro takes you straight to the mediterranean. There's also an edited instrumental that brings out the sunshine... 


Patrick says: Local hero Ben Davies (paper recordings) gets well Balearic with this new project, enlisting Piccadilly favourite and synth-psych folk goddess Jane Weaver for a horizontal masterpiece. Over on the flipside the sunny stroll of "Boring Days" should have you dancing away, albeit slowly.


A. We Are Launching Feat Jane Weaver
B1. Boring Days Feat Mike Lindsay
B2. Boring Days (Instrumental) 

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