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LIONSPRINTCOMPLETEINTENTHOUSANDPRACTICESTHUSCOMEONE 'A mysterious box arrived at the office labelled 'Tsho-Drong Zimpo'. Inside were incense sticks, a bubble wrapped DAT tape with a telephone number on it. We lit the sticks, ran the DAT and a call was made immediately.'
Well, that was not very illuminating. So here it is my very personal opinion of this truly good techno 12":

Thumping raw harsh industriallish / hellish techno moves on 'Lscittptco'. You will be annoying your neighbours if played loud, on the other hand you will see yourself moving in sync with this tiger of a track. Hypnotic tribal gathering with location sound surrounding the beats including chants to chill things down a notch.  We commence to pump things a bit with a slow paced menacing bad boy coming to get ya on our ascension from the humid, dark and eerie caves of the underground. You will 'see' how terrifying all of this is when you listen 'Ascend to Terra Firma'. And to close it all off, well, we go back to the start. 'Opium' is just that, a drug fuelled fast techno track with some atonal yet captivating melody on top. A bit too fast for old me but surely will cause some damage if played rightly. 


Sil says: Off the beaten track techno affairs here. Slow paced, fast paced, ambient paced, you name it. Proper though. Proper stuff for the open minded soul.


2. Babylon Kingdom Shall Fall
3. Guidance
4. Ascend To Terra Firma
6. Opium 

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