Ian Hicks

Character Collapse

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Optimo So Low

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'So Low is an occasional night in Glasgow run by Iona Fortune, JD Twitch, Katie Shambles and Becky Marshall. So Low is strictly for creatures of the night and plays music that could perhaps be described by the words dark wave / cold waves / minimal synthesis / maximal industrial / lo-nrg / forgotten Flemish goth Bands, teutonic apocalyptic Beats +++'

It is now also a label, administered by Optimo Music.

Third release on this carnal new hub of nastiness comes from Ian Hicks, formerly one half of Soft Metals. 5 tracks of seriously analogue wavage ranging from the post-XTC fall-out of “Character Collapse” and “Depths Of Psyche” to the shockwave klang of “Chemical Environments” and “Specter”, perhaps leaving the very best to last with the ultimate erotic hypno-throbber: “Continuous”. Wicked and unrelenting but with a deliberately slow and meticulous pace, examining the body from top to toe and inflicting its filthiest, fleshiest desires on the listener.

Full colour picture sleeve designed by So Low collective member and acclaimed Glasgow artist Katie Shannon. 


1. Ian Hicks Character Collapse 00:06:25
2. Ian Hicks Depths Of Psyche 00:07:23
3. Ian Hicks Chemical Environments 00:03:43
4. Ian Hicks Specter 00:04:00
5. Ian Hicks Continuous 00:06:18

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