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Songs From The Beehive (Repress 2017)

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2017 REPRINT OF LONG DELETED CLASSIC - IN COMPLETE ORIGINAL beautiful Outersleve and label / ART !

A new star shines bright over the universe of electronic music. David Moufang aka Move D and Benjamin Brunn createt a new album and "Songs From The Beehive" is more than just another chapter in deepness and soul, it is an overwhelming experience, flowing deeply and growing to the top. With their releases on labels such as Warp, Modern Love, Uzuri, Liebe*Detail, Compost, Bine, Ware and Source they create a unique sound. Fans like Riccardo Villalobos, Jus-Ed, Efdemin, Dj Koze, Jackmate and Smallville Labelchefs Julius Steinhoff & Lawrence appreciate and celebrate the Benjamin Brunn & Move D state of the art since ages. Ambientish clusters, warmest grooves, and a mentally deep sound melt together and open a gate to another world of deepness. Besides a wide range of references - deep detroit house, dub, classical minimal music and even jazz and disco- "Songs From The Beehive" is just the essence of the world of Benjamin Brunn and Move D themselves. Their unconventional way of production might be the main ingredient of pieces like this. Working out a track could start with a loop of Brunn's Nord Modular or a Moog bassline from David Moufang. Based on a sweet scape or just a clear sample the trip starts slowley and gets you into unexpected directions. It is the warmth, deepness, the fluffy grooves and the sounds that make you diving into a sea of ambience and rythm.

Nobody could be better to do the artwork to such an incredible colorful album than Stefan Marx. He is not just the artist who gives covers from Playhouse, Mule and Smallville a face- he loves the music inside coming from Isolée, Sten and now he is a big fan of Move D and Benjamin Brunn, creating the most lightning cover ever. Like the musicians Stefan Marx never follows to what people expect.

"I always get the feeling that I'm not fashionable at all. And that's not the point of it anyway. All I can say about my music is this is me and hope other people share the same ideas." David Moufang mentioned in an early interview. "Songs From The Beehive" makes a dream come true to be shared by the deep and open minded people - a masterpiece that stays forever.


A1 Love The One You're With
B1 Velvet Paws
B2 Like A Restless Sea
C1 Come In
C2 Mothercorn
D Radar

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